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The latest: Every silver lining’s got a touch of grey.

It’s hard to be optimistic, upbeat and productive when I am literally chilled to the very bone. I’m faking it as hard as I possibly can with healthy food, good workouts, and Pantone Color of the Year nail polish. So, here are the fruits of my labor for the last couple of weeks.

For HowStuffWorks, I wrote about solo adventure traveling for women (shout out to Maui Surfer Girls), the economics of airline loyalty programs, fuel-saving stop-start technology, and how you can lose your driver’s license for reasons unrelated to driving.

At U.S. News & World Report, you can see my rundowns of the best three-row SUVs and the best luxury car brands.

Also, I finally have my ID badge for my volunteer position at the Art Institute of Chicago. You have until March 4 to check out the Rodin exhibit, which I highly recommend.

Thanks to my dad’s favorite band and the soundtrack of my childhood for the song lyric.