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Vacation and Updates

It happened. I went on vacation. Actually, it was more than a vacation; it was my honeymoon. The wedding was last year, but unfortunately, we were dealing with some family issues and other BS, and decided to wait until we could really enjoy the trip.

We decided it was finally time to go to Hawaii. I’ve been obsessed with Hawaii as long as I can remember, and I knew nothing else would scratch that itch. I managed to put work almost completely on hold, which is why I didn’t post anything here before or during the trip, but you can check Instagram for some of my photos, if you’re interested.

While I was gone, U.S. News & World Report published an overview of the new Honda Accord Sport, a roundup of competitors to the Ford Escape, and a profile of the VW Golf R. I’m already back to work with a couple of new projects, and I have tons of ideas from my trip.



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