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I’m in Massachusetts right now, visiting my family and drinking some great beer. I was working like mad right up until the plane took off, so yeah, this post is a little late.

Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of meeting Kimi Werner, who was visiting Chicago as part of her role as a Patagonia ambassador. I’m wicked grateful that ad popped up on Facebook just in time for us to snag tickets and change our plans for the evening. I love when I meet someone I admire, and they’re actually nice in person. So that was a lot of fun, and brought a sort of closure to my Hawaii experience.

So, here’s my latest. For HowStuffWorks, I wrote about the way advanced safety systems affect our driving and California’s proposed combustion engine ban. Over on U.S. News & World Report, I rounded up car discounts for military and first responders, ran down the list of best competitors to the Audi Q5, compared the Audi A4 to the Audi A6, and put the GMC Acadia against the Chevy Traverse. At Vocal Media, I reminisce about cocktails on Oahu’s North Shore.

I have another busy week coming up, but right now… beer.



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